PET Dose Cabinet

Item Code: SH/270116/00/A001/00

The cabinet includes the Front shield ideal for PET with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield, a PET Sharps Container Shield and a Lead Cave covered with steel. Includes a Dose Dispensing Tungsten Vial shield with dispenser The cabinet has key-locking doors, two sliding bottom shelves, and two sliding upper shelves. The bottom shelves accommodate the optional PET shipping containers. The top shelves can be used to store syringes, syringe shields, and other small items.

There is no need to purchase a separate L Bench, Positron Shield for Dose Calibrator , PET Sharps container shield , Interlocking Lead Bricks and a Lead lined furniture as this compact solution integrates all in one Dose Cabinet.

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Lead Shielding L Bench 50mm
Lead Glass 8"x8"x4" ; Lead Equivalence : 52mm
Counter top Stainless Steel
Dispenser Remote operated height adjustable Jaw dispenser with Tungsten vial shield
Tungsten Vial Shield 95% Tungsten Purity; Needle hole with magnetic closure
Finish Glacier White