Strong Scissors

Scissors cuts through softened or un-softened thermoplastics with powerful leverage. The flexible, non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip for right or left hands.

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Electron Block Moulding System

Electron Block Moulding System for Electa and Varian of various sizes are available.

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Electron Block Foam Cutter

ELectron Foam Cutter

The Electron Block Foam Cutter’s cabinet includes a lighted power switch and a grounded power cord. 

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Heat Gun


•   Used to correct minor mistakes or make modifications while   
   making thermoplastic moulds.
•   Can be used to melt alloy
Provided with flow control option.

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Aluminium Compensators

Aluminium Compensators are used used to modify the beam in radiotherapy. The aluminium blocks of 9x9 sq. mm with thickness of 2.5,5,7.5,10,12.5,15,17.5,20,22.5,25mm is available.

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Low Melting Alloy


The Melting Alloy is available in both the options i.e. with or without cadmium.

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Tungsten Eye Shield

Tungsten Eye Shields

Tungsten eye shields have less transmission than other eye shields
The Tungsten Eye Shield can use either the 0.5 mm or 1 mm thick anodized aluminum cap (both are included with each tungsten eye shield) to reduce the electron backscatter to the eyelid.The eye shield can be used without the aluminum cap when placed superficially.

Recommendations Based on Transmission Values:
The 2 mm tungsten eye shield should be used for 6 MeV, and the 3 mm tungsten eye shield should be used for 9 MeV.

These tungsten eye shields are not recommended for use above 9 MeV
Sizes Available: Small, Large
Thickness: 3mm,2mm

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•     Shield interlock prevents radiation leakage and holds alignment.
•      1/2” (1.27 cm) lead wall thickness.
•      An open sector is provided in each shield to allow comfortable
 positioning on the patient.

Each set consists of 3 sizes i.e. small, medium and large testicle shields and a Testicle shield stand.

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  • Casting block thickness: 10- 20 mm.
  • 5 pieces per set.
  • Used with cooling plate. 

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25cm x 25 cm x 17 mm

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Vacuum Cushion

Vacuum Cushions provides rigid and secure patient immobilization to the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve. The cushion has been designed to 
  • retains its shape
  • guarantees stability and reproducibility of the patient’s position for up to six weeks once the air is vacuumed out
  • Protective material coating provides greater cleanability
  • Available for a various of clinical setups
  • Minimum beam attenuation
  • Reusable, hence cost-effective

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Water Bath

The Digital Thermoplastic Water Bath has been designed with spacious interior to accommodate various radiation therapy thermoplastic masks. The Digital PID Temperature Controller controls the temperature of the water accurately between 38ºC to 95ºC and can be set easily.

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